What Is a Mini-Split Ductless System?

Mini-Split or Ductless HVAC systems are a great way to optimize the temperature control inside your home. These systems consist of a wall-mounted unit and a compressor. The wall-mounted component is installed inside the house, while the compressor is installed outside.

Less Space Required

Mini-split systems are a great alternative to standard window-mounted air conditioning and ground-based heating units. The condensers outside take up less space than your traditional AC condenser.

Quiet Operation

Ductless systems are much quieter than their duct-based counterparts. Mini-split fans operate at a low speed, which ensures a minimum signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Since the compressor is outside, the unit is almost inaudible.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy-efficient AC, mini-split systems are very efficient. The compressors in ducted systems shut down and need more energy to restart. Unlike those systems, the compressors inside mini-split systems have an inverter that allows uninterrupted operation by adhering to the system’s demands.


Mini-splits are perfect for customizing the temperature of a single room. Since each unit has its own customizable temperature settings, mini-split systems are great for situations where individual household members have different temperature preferences.

Maintaining Your Ductless System

Ductless systems require extra care to ensure their efficiency and longevity. You will want to ensure you wash the filter every month, possibly even more often if you have pets that shed. Keeping up your unit’s cleanliness is important because the fans in ductless systems are sensitive to debris, so excessive buildup can cause problems that will necessitate professional maintenance.

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