Preventive Maintenance

Just like you take your car to the shop for oil changes and tune-ups, your home comfort system should receive the same kind of attention. Scheduled maintenance by a trained technician provides various benefits to your HVAC equipment, which can help your systems perform efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns.

RSA Club Memberships

To ensure your system operates at its maximum efficiency, our experts at Lieber Mechanical LLC recommend a thorough check-up twice a year. This allows us to ensure your system is operating at an optimal level as you head into the two main seasons of the year, Summer and Winter.

As an RSA Club member, you will receive a number of benefits that provide you with higher efficiency air conditioning and heating, as well as peace of mind that your system will last longer and cost less.

The small fee for preventive maintenance each year is truly an investment in your home. Nobody wants to face the high cost of replacing an entire HVAC system sooner than necessary, and this inconvenient and relatively inexpensive service can add years of life to your equipment.

What do we check?

Our inspection process takes a look at your entire home and the way the HVAC equipment is functioning as a system. Many companies just focus on each piece of equipment individually and miss issues that are going on within your home that cost you money.

Our way of evaluating the health of a heating and cooling system is essential in making sure your home is at optimal comfort levels for your family. Our inspection has over 30 items that we review, such as refrigerant levels, electronic parts, ductwork, and cleanliness of all the components.

What do you get?

Not only do you get priority scheduling for any repairs you need during the year, but you also get two inspections annually to ensure you are ready to face the heat and the cold. These checks are important because we might be able to find and fix the small problems before they become big repairs or cause your system to fail prematurely.

When we evaluate your system, we provide a top-notch condenser cleaning that is superior to our competition. We strip down the sides of the condenser to ensure we get all the dirt and debris out of the fins so that your condenser can breathe properly and efficiently.

You will also receive extra benefits that we normally charge non-RSA members, including cleaning and discounts on service calls and repairs. That’s a value of over $200.

Who do you get?

We understand that having someone in your home can sometimes be stressful. We understand that your home is a safe haven and a comfort zone for your family, and we will always respect that. In return, you get a highly trusted, trained, background, and drug-tested technician coming to your home.

How much does it cost?

Every home is unique. The quality of the initial construction, how well it has been maintained over the years, and what type of system you have play significant roles in the pricing of repairs and service.

However, in most cases, we can keep the costs about the same from home to home. Each full system contains an Air Handler/Furnace, Evaporative Coil, and a Condenser/Heat Pump. Our inspection process is just as thorough whether you have a large or small home… a top-of-the-line system or a less expensive one.

The basic fee for RSA Club membership (including two annual inspections) per home is:

  • $199 for One System
  • $295 for Two Systems
  • $590 for Three Systems

For more information or to sign up for an RSA Club Membership, please call us at (405) 265-4695!